Own Your Career. Own Your Life.

No Fluff. No Wasted Time.

Full Service Coaching for Women Physicians

BossB, MD offers virtual coaching for women physicians. We specialize in helping you get the most out of your job search & negotiation processes. We do so by providing tactical, effective lessons that will ensure you’re able to secure what you’ve already earned. No fluff, no wasted time.

Product Offerings:

Each individual and situation is different, and we customize our offerings to reflect that reality. That being said, if there were such a thing as an “average” BossB, MD client, this is what she’d have achieved after working with us:

  • $40,000 increase in base/fixed annual salary
  • Substantial increase in variable/RVU compensation
  • 6 weeks paid maternity leave

You’re already a boss in the clinic and operating rooms, now it’s time to show up like a boss in the boardroom as well.

BossB, MD helps women physicians shatter the gender pay gap and secure their best lives. We do so by coaching you through the negotiation process and supporting you with personalized career strategies.

We are experiential, not lecture based
We are concrete, not conceptual
We use proven techniques and data to inform our strategies

BossB, MD. Own your Career. Own your life.


BossB, MD was started, in all honesty, by accident. Our little group of friends had traded business advice for medical advice for years throughout residency, bicycle and skiing accidents, fellowship, weird lumps, job searches, unexplained rashes, and more without ever thinking about it. Until one day, a colleague of Dr. Telleria's reached out to her with a question about negotiating her contract - a question that Dr. Telleria didn't know how to answer. She handed the phone to her husband Carlton, and after an hour of conversation with Carlton, the colleague had a plan in place that secured her $25,000 more per year and took her from 6 weeks of unpaid to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. We knew we were onto something, but we had no idea yet just how important it was.

Next, we interviewed every woman physician we knew to get a better understanding of what they experience on the business side of medical practice. What we learned wasn't pretty. We heard horror stories about shiesty partners and restrictive contracts, broken promises and lack of support, and worst of all we heard that our highly capable, extensively trained healers often felt unconfident, bewildered, and out of place in business conversations. We also heard stories of amazing adaptability and resilience, of perfect-fit first jobs and women whose stick-to-it-iveness turned a decent first job into a perfect job over time, of supportive partners, of happy families, and of flourishing practices. So we knew it was possible to have your cake and eat it too, but we also knew that nobody was providing a blueprint for how to do so.

And that is exactly why we started this company. To help guide women physicians on the path to professional and personal fulfillment. To provide the business skills that their medical community has neglected to teach them. To point out the pearls and pitfalls at every step along the journey. To balance the scales of gender inequity in what is already often considered a male-dominated field. To avoid burnout and keep society's most valuable healers focused on doing the work that they were meant for.

We are BossB, MD. Contact us below if you'd like to learn more.